Tie A European Death Knot
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This rose has thorns, but smells sweet.

We've heard this called many things: flat overhand bend, Patagonia bend, etc.  We prefer the old fashioned name: European Death Knot, or EDK for short.  Why?  To remind climbers that if they don't use similar sized ropes, leave long tails, and adequately tighten the knot that things can go horribly deadly wrong.

So if a knot is so potentially dangerous why use it?  The reasons are three

The first reason is that if used correctly it is safe.  Tighten the knot, leave long tails, and use ropes of similar diameter. 

The second reason is that getting your rope stuck when you go to pull it while rappelling is dangerous.  The EDK has a flat side and tends to roll right over things that would snag other knots.  It's not snag-proof but it is less snag-prone.

The third reason is that it is fast to tie.  Time is safety and saving a few seconds here and there can add up over the course of a long day.
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