Acro Revolution Washing Machine
Howdy Stranger
Detailed Description
This washing machine is fairly approachable once you have a good mastery of side star.

Start in Inside Side Star.  Then do a half rotisserie into Outside Reverse Side Star.  Once in outside reverse side star do a hand swivel.From outside reverse side star the base places their foot on the flyer's sacrum and the flyer leans back into a sideways back fly (aka sideways back bend) and reaches their free hand overhead to join both hands with the flyer.  The flyer then stags a leg (brings their knee towards their chest) and the base brings their foot up to the hip crease.  The flyer then transfers weight into the foot and ends up in side star on the opposite foot from where they started.  To get back to where they started to the same set of movements but with the other leg.
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Acro Revolution Washing Machine Progressions