Capistrano Flip
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Detailed Description
Let's be honest. The Capistrano Flip is harder than it looks. If you have another canoe you probably want to do a canoe over canoe rescue. If you are near a shore or bank you may want to drag your canoe to the shore. However, if you are looking for some fun this is an effective way to get back upright.

First from the same side lift the edge of the canoe up and lift as much as you can, then set the edge of the canoe back down. You should have created an air bubble under the upside-down canoe. Now both of you go under the canoe and stick your heads up in that air bubble.

Once underneath you will both lift the canoe, with one edge higher than the other.  The lift is from the boyancy of your life jacket and from your legs kicking.  I recommend going once or twice to get the canoe higher in the water before going all out for a heave.

After the canoe is upright it may still have some water in it, but should be upright and have enough boyancy.  One person climbs back in while the other person supports the canoe from the opposite side.  Once in you will probably have to bail any remaining water with a sponge, bail bucket, or even your hands or a shoe.
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